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Uganda’s Mountain Gorillas

This events of this post took place in late November 2017 Visiting Wild Mountain Gorillas in Uganda’s Mgahinga National Park Our group was about 7 people and our excitement was palpable. As usual, I could barely contain myself. The guide and scouts came into the reception hall, thee or four AK-47’s in tow. We were…

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Ethiopia’s Rift Valley

The events of this story took place in November of 2017 “Do you have any medicine?” A voice whispered in my ear. “What?” I looked back to see the lone other white person on the bus leaning over my seat. “Like pain medicine? My tooth is killing me.” The young man said. He was clutching…

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Single Mothers Foundation

While traveling around Uganda I received a message from our friend Mira Seewald. “Are you going to Fort Portal?” “I think so.” “Well, if you do can you do me a favor and give a donation to Jonathan at the Single Mothers Foundation for me?” I was intrigued. We would visit Fort Portal. We met…

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