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September 2012

September was a great month for us this year. It kicked off in Thailand with the arrival of Valerie’s mother Sasa. For those of you who don’t know Sasa (has your head buried in sand?) she’s hilarious and having her with us shed new laughter-packed perspective on some of our favorite Southeast Asian hotspots. Here’s…

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Contrast – Bangkok

Flying into Bangkok was a shock to the system. Sure only 28 days had elapsed, but what a difference those 28 days had made to my outlook. I couldn’t help but be struck by the modernity, efficiency, and general cleanliness of everything. Cleanliness? Bangkok? Really, it is true. During the taxi ride that would eventually…

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Back in Bangkok….

This bus ride was an interesting one. Taking one vehicle from our hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia we arrive at the border and cross on foot. After getting our visas stamped we walk into the no-man’s land between Cambodia and Thailand. The bus attendant says we have to wait for 30 minutes before we are…

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Chaing Mai, Thailand

North, north and further north. Hopping another bus we find ourselves finally in Chaing Mai, touted as the culture capital of Northern Thailand. This place has it all: hand-crafts, jewelery, tons of religious sites, classes on yoga, language, cooking, and meditation (among others), shopping, traffic, art, night markets and, of course, bowling. The city is…

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Krabi, Thailand Part 1

I’m pretty sure Scotty shed a tear when we left the beautiful beach in Southern Thailand. What he didn’t know was how many more, tears of happiness he would be shedding when he beheld the wonders of the Krabi area. Arriving by bus, the place wasn’t much to look at at first. From the back…

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Ayuttaya and Sukhothai, Thailand

It is time to leave the city and head north. The problem is we do not know where we want to go. We arrive at the bus station armed with nothing more than a direction to head in. After consulting the guide book, Scotty and I narrow down our northern destinations to 3: ranging from…

Krabi Part 1

Scotty woke me up real early this morning, and for anyone who has spent any significant time around me, you know. This is a dangerous proposition. I can be oh so much more than just…. “Krabi”

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Well, you might say this place has a reputation.  And we’d probably tell you that from what we could see peeking around corners, its reputation is well deserved. We took a 12 hour night bus from Krabi to get here and our sleep schedules never really recovered.  Each night we’d set an ambitious agenda for…

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Krabi, Thailand Part 2

What do you do when you’ve enjoyed 2 of the 3 things a region is famous for? Go for the third right?  So we set out to complete the trifector with Daniel and Nina, our comrades from Finland. Large limestone cliffs and pillars, or “karst”, are common throughout mainland SE Asia, but in Krabi they are…

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Life on the Beach

  After a surprisingly fun night in Satun drinking Thai Whiskey with a local family, we hopped a boat (a large modern speedboat!) headed for the nearby islands of Ko Turatao National Marine park. The ride took us past dramatic limestone and granite bluffs rising defiantly from the ocean.  The park comprises over 50 densely…

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Arriving in Thailand

Indonesia and Malaysia share a common language, which happens to be one of the easiest in the world to learn.  After 4 months of real world practice we had gotten pretty good and were beginning to feel like we’d pierced the clueless tourist veil.  Then came Thailand… From the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia we took an…

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