Pusser’s Rum

In a fast-paced, ever-changing world it is refreshing to find something that hasn’t changed in a long time. Pusser’s Rum is a company based on tradition. They blend and distribute from five stills in Guyana and Trinidad. It has been made the same way for hundreds of years. Andrew Spurgin LTD and Snake Oil Cocktail…

French Party

Andrew Spurgin and Janice Dodge pull off another oppulent time-travel dinner. This one took place in Rancho Santa Fe with a French theme and incredible decor and cuisine.

Moulin Rouge Party

It is always a pleasure to work with Andrew Spurgin LTD. This dinner party was Moulin Rouge themed and red, black, and lace were in full bloom. Thanks as always to the team and guests for a fun and visually spectacular evening.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

The ocean is the lifeblood of our planet. Having spent most of my adult life planning, saving for, and visiting many of the world’s best scuba diving locations, I have truly seen and experienced the plethora of beauty the ocean has to offer. With that I have also witnessed frightfully rapid climate change in every…

Barrel Smoker Dinner III

On a sleepy Thursday morning I received a text from chef extraordinaire Andrew Spurgin, “can you shoot an event tonight?” I’ve learned that when Andrew invites me to an event it behooves me to make it happen, no matter how short the notice. The third instalment of the Barrel Smoker Dinner Series was no exception….

1964 Christmas Party

It was a pleasure working with all of you, see you next time! Enjoy! *these are posted to a password protected page, please do not share these images without permission, thanks!

Summerfest Gala – Food

I recently photographed the La Jolla Music Society Summerfest Gala for event stylist Andrew Spurgin. Design is something that I love in all things so I was like a kid in a candy store at this event. Andrew helped transform a beautiful home in Rancho Santa Fe into an opulent Chinese restaurant. The menu, which Andrew…

Butternut Squash and Lentil Soup

I have eaten squash soup with hill tribes in Laos, plantation workers in Sri Lanka, and camel men in India. It is a common dish amongst farmers and reminds me of places far away from cities where food supplies are grown or traded and purchased. My version mixes this simple rural treat with the fiery…