Leah Zeger

Leah Zeger is a violinist virtuoso. She has been playing at a professional level since her early teens. If I could photograph the people she is gigging with, well, I’d be driving a much nicer car.

In these photos Leah is confidently striding the ballroom of the Four Seasons hotel in Hollywood, embellishing her electric violin with full body dance moves. A sophisticated projector system was interacting with her music in real time and throwing a lot of interesting light. It was a fun and dynamic shoot. I only shot for about ten minutes. My assignment was, “get some cool artistic shots of her,” I think a few of them hit the mark.

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Scott Dusek is a writer and photography from Seattle, Washingon. He has spent over five years on the road traveling to over 60 countries. When Scott is not writing you can find him trekking, climbing, and scuba diving in far flung corners of the world.