Mendoza is all about one thing:  Wine.

We toured through many vineyards and wineries.

We drank a lot of wine.

We paired it with delicious food.

mendoza_siete_fincas_malbec_wine_vino_vineyard_scott_dusek006 mendoza_siete_fincas_malbec_wine_vino_vineyard_scott_dusek003 mendoza_siete_fincas_malbec_wine_vino_vineyard_scott_dusek005 mendoza_siete_fincas_malbec_wine_vino_vineyard_scott_dusek004 mendoza_siete_fincas_malbec_wine_vino_vineyard_scott_dusek002 mendoza_siete_fincas_malbec_wine_vino_vineyard_scott_dusek001

Scott Dusek Written by:

Scott Dusek is a portrait and wedding photographer based in San Diego, CA. He travels extensively and his experiences abroad flavor his style and work.

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