Arriana, Jordan & the Twins

Just a few weeks ago I photographed Arriana and JordanĀ before their twin daughters, Mia and Julia arrived. The twins are now a month old and were definitely ready for their first photoshoot. Here are a few selects from the session. My cuteness quota is used up for the year šŸ™‚

Katie Kline

Katie Kline is an up an coming actress. We had lots of fun doing different poses (sad poses are hard!) and she was a pleasure to work with.

Jaynes Gastropub

If you can’t afford a trip to the UK to try contemporary English foodie pub fare – Jaynes Gastropub is the next closest thing. Jon and Jayne, owners and proprietors. have put thought into every detail of their restaurant. Everything from the decor to the food oozes class and charm. If you haven’t been here…

CB Boxing

Special thanks to trainer Paul Valerde, Boxing 2000, and Charles Bosecker for the gig. Visit the CB Boxing Managements facebook page forĀ current info.

Willie Williford

About a year ago I purchased a Honda Insight. It is almost 15 years old but remains one of the most fuel efficient and low emission cars available today. Honda only sold about 17,000 1st generation Insights and an active community has formed around them. I posted some questions in an online forum shortly after…

Mylaina Tighe

Besides being beautiful Mylaina Tighe is a successful claims specialist with The Doctors Company. “I need a headshot that doesn’t make me look like I’m twelve,” were her instructions, I wish now that I had seen her old headshots. Her dog Nico is her trusty companion and so of course the photo shoot was not…

Leah Zeger

Leah Zeger is a violinist virtuoso. She has been playing at a professional level since her early teens. If I could photograph the peopleĀ she is gigging with, well, I’d be driving a much nicer car. In these photos Leah is confidently striding the ballroom of the Four Seasons hotel in Hollywood, embellishing her electric violin…

Shane Rutherford

Shane Rutherford is a modern artist living in Cardiff, California. He uses bright colors and bold designs to make everything from canvas paintings to decorative beer openers. Shane contacted me to shoot some of his custom made belt buckles and other products. Though it wasn’t part of the assignment, Ā just had to shoot him creating…

Justin Mans

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and shooting Justin Mans for Interiors California Magazine. He was a great subject and very interesting to speak with. He travels the world finding incredible antiques and hardwoods. He brings the menagerie of things he finds back to the David Allen Collection showroom in Solana Beach, California. Interior…

Claus Sodenkamp

While I was shooting Leah Zeger at the Four Seasons in Hollywood I also shot a few of the staff at the Hotel. Claus Sodenkamp is a very charming fellow, the ladies seemed to be going back for more more tacos haha.