Puerto Natales

Once again we were back in Chile. This time near the famous Torres del Paine National Park. It was the final stop for my parents. We drank great wine, ate succulent seafood, and enjoyed friendly Chilean hospitality.

We rented a car and drove through the park. Valerie and I were preparing to trek the 9-day circuit around the mountains. The drive gave a very different perspective and looking back were were very glad to see the park both ways.

The sunsets from the town of Puerto Natales are epic and in conjunction with the new moon, made for a nightly ritual of watching the sun fade away.

The drive through the park brought us to waterfalls and viewpoints, each more spectacular than the last.

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Scott Dusek is a writer and photography from Seattle, Washingon. He has spent over five years on the road traveling to over 60 countries. When Scott is not writing you can find him trekking, climbing, and scuba diving in far flung corners of the world.