Val Goes Bald

I’m in Asia…..finally!! Yeah. I have made some attempts to post sooner but the Internet apparently hates me in Malaysia.

I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with many of my family members, take some photos, and make some new memories of home before taking the amazingly long series of plane rides to get here.

I also (after much anticipation) took a visit to Angel Garcia (long-standing family friend and barber) and shaved all of my hair off. Now I’m short, unemployed and BALD! Look out world. Surprisingly, I really like it. It hasn’t been that much of an adjustment and is already worlds easier. Who knew. I will post a photo once I remember to bring my card reader with me.

We arrived yesterday and haven’t done anything yet outside of finding a place to stay, places to eat and planning what is next.


Alright, got the card,,, here goes

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