Delhi, India

Love it or hate it Delhi has everything. It contains some of India´s most impressive architecture and offers a dazzling array of food, art, religious, and cultural variety. Knowing we would need a place to decompress each day we put a lot of effort into finding a good room. We spent hours but were richly rewarded by finding a brand new hotel with everything we needed. For anyone who wants to find it walk towards the Pahar Ganj bazaar and turn right when you see a urinal, then right again into the tiny corridor between buildings where you suspect you´ll be murdered, easy as pie!

We stayed eight days and many great monuments, ate all kinds of amazing food (barbeque of every variety and at least three lassis a day), and planned out the next seven months of our lives on a week to week basis.

There are captivating stories about Delhi we realize, but ours just is not one of them. We may not have had the most exciting adventure there, but we got a lot done and we certainly didn´t leave hungry.

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Scott Dusek is a writer and photography originally from Seattle, Washingon.

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