Finishing Up, Tasmania

With just a few days left in our Tasmania our focus finally shifted from the natural to the human. A night tour of Port Arthur, Tasmania most notorious labor prison, gave us a taste of history and spirituality. We were led along by the light of candle lanterns as our guide told us a stories of torture, ghosts, and insanity. This was also the sight of Australia’s worst modern day massacre, when over 30 people were shot dead by a lunatic with an IQ of below 60. Guest are encouraged not to speak of this event, it was only a few years back and many of the current employees lost friends and colleges.

Freshly stocked up on camp fire tales we breezed into Hobart, passing a few Tasmanian Devils along the way. Our goal was too fold, visit the Mona Museum of Modern Art and then PARTY. We were quite successful. So much so, in fact, that I ended up freestyle rapping about our adventure until everyone passed out.

One thing was missing from our trip. Tasmania is home to 6 of the 10 tallest trees in the world. We’d seen a menagerie of natural wonders but not one large tree. With this digging at us we rushed North as fast our compact economy car would take us to the aptly named “Tall Trees Walk”. Unlike our Redwoods the tall trees of Tasmania are all hardwoods. The fact that their bark ends in shreds halfway up their trunks give them a “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” characteristic.

After just 9 days, 1,400 kilometers, and one hotel upgrade we were given to boot and boarded a plane back to the mainland. To do it justice you’d need at least two months in Tasmania, but in our brief time we able to get into the Tassie vibe of life. Some things are best served raw.

Written by:

Scott Dusek is a writer and photography originally from Seattle, Washingon.

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