Justin Mans

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and shooting Justin Mans for Interiors California Magazine. He was a great subject and very interesting to speak with. He travels the world finding incredible antiques and hardwoods. He brings the menagerie of things he finds back to the David Allen Collection showroom in Solana Beach, California. Interior designers that are looking for something unique and special should definitely give Justin a call.

As we walked through the showroom he threw out the back-story of dozens of pieces, from woven mattes to gigantic, single-piece tables. “We pulled this slab out of a river in the middle of a remote village,” he would say with boyish enthusiasm, “Oh! This one is even cooler, this came from an abandoned sawmill.” His knowledge and passion for what he does is obvious and infectious. I was in awe of the lengths he has gone through to bring some of these pieces home.

It turns out he is from Bellingham, WA where I used to live and go to college at Western Washington University. He travels frequently travels to Indonesia, a country close to my heart, and we spent a long time swapping hilarious stories of our experiences there. It’s great to end a shoot with a new friend and I’m happy to say I definitely made one in Justin.

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Scott Dusek is a writer and photography originally from Seattle, Washingon.

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