Minca, Colombia

Minca was a runner up prize for us. We had originally planned to visit Tayrona National Park, which has incredible beaches. However, getting there required hiking for a few miles with our large backpacks on slippery terrain. I had badly injured my ankle the week before so this prospect was daunting. There was no availability for rooms or bungalows in the park so we would have had to camp which made us wonder what we would do with our belongings while we were enjoying the beach and hiking, sadly we had read that theft was a problem.

In the end, we chose to go to Minca instead. While it lacks the gorgeous beaches it is located in a a beautiful cloud forest. We stayed at the Mundo Nuevo Eco-Resort, which was just a few basic buildings at the time. We spend a couple of days just enjoying the serenity here and eating nourishing food. Ironically, we still had to hike to get here, and it was up a big hill, but it was a perfect alternative to our original itinerary.

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Scott Dusek is a writer and photography originally from Seattle, Washingon.

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