Willie Williford

About a year ago I purchased a Honda Insight. It is almost 15 years old but remains one of the most fuel efficient and low emission cars available today. Honda only sold about 17,000 1st generation Insights and an active community has formed around them. I posted some questions in an online forum shortly after buying my car and was very impressed how anxious this community was to help. Willie responded straight away and told me to call him. I think we talked for over an hour. I have been meaning to visit him ever since and get his help tuning up my Insight.

A couple weeks ago I finally made the trip. He very patiently guided me through most of the 100,000 mile service on my car. I turned the wrench and he called the shots. I learned an immense amount about my car and good practices. My car is running better than ever.

Willie’s love for these little cars is contagious. His knowledge is incredible. A few times when he was explaining some of the finer details I was sure he had lapsed into a language only spoken by rocket scientists, I was mesmerized none-the-less. I am very grateful for his help and will surely visit him again. I would have loved to take more pictures while we were working but my hands were black with grease and my camera is a clean freak – next time. Until then I think I got a few good snaps. Thanks again Willie!

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Scott Dusek is a writer and photography originally from Seattle, Washingon.

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